Voluntario Global is an NGO

What VG think is the role of NGOs?

Volunteers, foundations and NGOs have the duty to empower people in order they can built capacity and plan and organize their own future.

All of them can provide and share training, organization tools, and knowledge and money resources. This help is essential not only for the tools but also because they are building self confidence.

The biggest goal of any social organization must be to generate participation, equal conditions and build creative alternatives around the necessities and consensual ideas with the community.

Which are the VG objetives?

Voluntario Global and the organizations include a culture of work in which trust and sharing, solidarity, mutual understanding and respect for cultural diversity is our primary objective.

Which are the challenges must face an NGO?

The great challenge with multiple demonstrations, is to aware, exchange, discuss, promote and leader social, economic, ecological and technological proposals to overcome capitalism.

Is Voluntario Global an intermediary between the volunteers and the projects?

No, because we are part of the projects themselves. We help identify needs, find resources, and generate support and solutions.

Why should you choose VG instead of going directly to the project?

Because VG helps volunteers to choose their programs, to meet other volunteers, to solve accommodation and lodging problems. But above all, because the goal of each project is specific and they have no time to guide and assist the volunteers. Each project gives that responsibility to VG because they know we send them well-informed, confident and committed volunteers.

Why is the exchange of experience and knowledge one of the most essential tools for strengthening the work of social organisations? 

Because it provides a chance for dialogue, thought, listening, and debate, which are all invaluable forms of understanding that cannot be found in books. Not only this, through this exchange we are reminded that we are not alone in our initiative, a realisation that reaffirms our goals.