Why pay to volunteer?
Voluntario Global is a non-profit organization (NGO) registered in Argentina under number 0000 515. We do not receive financial assistance from the Government, nor corporations. Therefore, our funds come directly from the volunteers who register in our programs. Donations are spent according to community needs under the strict supervision of our local coordinators.
Who donates to Voluntario Global?
The donations from volunteers allow Voluntario Global to continue with its work as it does not receive funding from any other source; however, they have a much wider role than simply financial aid. The volunteer has a role in making the organizations visible. Many of the people from these communities feel that they are not seen, that nobody pays attention to them, and that their work is not important. When a volunteer joins an organization he or she makes the local people there realize that they are important and that the work that they are doing is vital. As the volunteer becomes integrated into the organization and the community, they take on a more active role offering ideas and exchanging information. Volunteers can use skills they have learnt from their own countries to suggest new ways to help local organizations and offer a new point of view.
How do we make decisions about the use of our budget?
All decisions on how to use donations are made in assembly every year. We maintain complete transparency in our finances and encourage all volunteers to view how income is used to participate in the budgetary decision-making process.
How do we use the donations of the volunteers?
The projects are funded by the donation made by the volunteer. The contribution is divided between administration costs, volunteer recruitment, orientation and training, and the development and funding of the projects themselves.
What percentage do the projects receive?
After taxes and bank fees are discounted, 20% of what we receive as donation goes to the project the volunteer works for. Some projects decide to return that donation to Voluntario Global so we can continue improving our work in general.In addition, donations support young people so that they can continue studying and working for a few hours as coordinators.
Do organizations know the destination of the donations?
All the organizations we work with are part of our Network, therefore, theyknow each other and participate in the decisions on how the money from donations received at Voluntario Global is used.
Does Voluntario Globa help the organizations with extra issues apart from money and volunteers?
Yes, we help them deal with state resources, organize their administrative systems, improve their legal forms, develop programs and assist them with any needs or crisis. Every year we organize meetings where we discuss about problems that are common to all organizations (including Voluntario Global) and see how we can help each other solving those problems. Morever, we invite speakers and prepare especial sessions to talk about specific subjetct that we consider will help all coordinators and community leaders. In this way, we try to help in the education of all organizations. Volunteers are always welcome to help out preparing these sessions, and they can also propose a lecture if interested.