What world do we want to live in?

This question has been the driving force behind the establishment of our organization. From the very beginning, our goal has been grassroots transformation through collective effort and network building. Since 2006, Voluntario Global has been dedicated to establishing and sustaining a network of social organizations. These organizations play a vital role in ensuring educational opportunities, access to food, and care for children. They are on the front lines, fighting every day for the rights that have been violated.

Under the current social and economic crisis in Argentina, we are experiencing the repercussions of budget reductions in essential areas like health, food, and education. Our health centers are not receiving the necessary medicines, educational spaces are at risk of losing their limited funding, and producers are struggling to ensure the continued distribution of food.

In this challenging context, we urgently need an emergency fund to withstand still more aggressive budget reductions to come in health, education, and labor, which have an immediate impact on working-class neighborhoods. To continue building our community, we must address basic needs. Without food, we cannot fight. Without education, we cannot fight. Without health, we cannot fight.

Once again, we reach out to the commitment and contributions of volunteers around the world who, like us, seek to transform the world we live in.

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