Voluntario Global & Supporting Cooperatives

What is it a cooperative economy?

Cooperative is a voluntary autonomous organization where people can meet their common economic and social needs through a company with combined ownership and democratic control. Cooperative is the result of people's thinking about and exploring ideal social modes and the result of the developments and progresses of a series of cultures and concepts of the human society.

Cooperativism goes further than purely economic activity, and is based on productive relations who are collective, in solidarity, and above all else inclusive.

Why do we say that at Voluntario Global we promote, undertake and practice cooperative work?

Organizations like VG should try to go further and help generate sustainable development and empower people to be able to forge a better life and a better future.

Volunteers, Foundations and NGOs have the necessary role to empower people from grass roots communities to become organized. They can provide training, organizing tolls and know-how development steps. Their help is not only a technical and financial essential need but also means to encourage people to achieve self-confidence and in many cases lead the process.

What is the laundry youth cooperative?

The laundry Project is and initiative VG started in 2006, with the aim of providing teenagers from unprivileged layers of our society with the possibility of their creating a healthy and sustainable means of supporting themselves economically through their years of graduate Studies.

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