Volunteer Programs

What means “volunteering” for VG?

We consider volunteering solidarity and socially conscious practices opposite to charitable practices lacking of interchange.

Volunteers participate in processes of social transformation making their participation and commitment.

When do programs start and how far in advanced do I need to apply?

Programs start every Monday and you need to apply at least one month before your arrival.

Is there a language assessment test that I will need to take to determine my placement?

Depending on the project requirements. If the project requires an advanced level then you will an interview via Skype to check your level.

When volunteers are not working is the “free” time structured with other projects?

No. We do have some activities we suggest and there is a person in charge of the responsible tourism area, but you won't be able to just "visit" other projects.

Can I check testimonies of each project?

We would suggest you check it out Blog. If you're interested in a specific project, I can get you in contact with a former volunteer or you can also post on our Facebook page to see if you get some answers there as well. 

Are accommodation, meals, transportation, and Spanish classes included in the project donation?

No, they are not included. We can offer accommodation and Spanish lessons with extra costs.

Are meals included in the projects?

No, sometimes volunteers are invited to lunch in the community centres but it is not mandatory.