Teaching English

Julia tells us a little bit about her experience, what's she learning from it, and how she feels about online…
Miércoles, 14 Octubre 2020 13:45

Navigating the Pandemic: Laura's Testimony

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This time we talked to Laura, founder of one of the English institutes: Springfield.
Miércoles, 12 Junio 2019 06:39

Crossing the Road of Language Barriers

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In our day and age learning more than one language has become a necessity, a way of opening new paths…
Jueves, 27 Octubre 2016 02:26

A Weekend at the English Camp

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Last weekend four of Voluntario Global’s volunteers joined an English School at their English camp! They escaped the city for…
We asked students at the ‪‎Teaching English‬ Project what THEY think about volunteers coming to ‪#‎help‬ in ‪#‎Argentina‬. Can you…
With an increasing need for English in business, higher education and an ever globalising world, the disadvantaged children of Buenos…
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