Reviews from Past Volunteers

The crèche is not just a place where your children are welcomed and cared for, it is an institution with…
Jueves, 27 Octubre 2022 08:45

Crèche Argentine (French version)

La crèche n’est pas un simple lieu où l’on accueille et prend soin de vos enfants, c’est une institution qui…
Martes, 18 Octubre 2022 16:08

Voluntario Global Ambassador Arthur Vandeputte

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Volunteering Project: I worked at an English school. Outside of the city center in Buenos Aires (Pablo Nogues) June 2022
On our way to El Alfarero, a small preschool on the southern border between Buenos Aires Ciudad and Buenos Aires…
Martes, 18 Octubre 2022 13:06

Voluntario Global Ambassador Kasia Pendlebury

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Volunteering Project: Communications Year of volunteering: March-July 2022
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