Argentina Chooses New President with Hopes of Prospering Times

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Argentina chooses new president with hopes of prospering times Argentina chooses new president with hopes of prospering times

Last sunday, October 27th, citizens of Argentina had in their hands the opportunity of choosing a new president or reelecting the previous one. Fortunately the majority gave the chance to Alberto Fernández and new horizons of hope are being drawn for the country.

Unless you live inside a cave with no electricity or access to information, you should know that the current economic situation in Argentina is no good and that there is a big uncertainty about how the future is going to be for the country, since inflation just like the dollar, poverty and unemployment won’t stop increasing. Mauricio Macri, soon to be former president, received a nation with difficult circumstances but it can be said that he is now giving it to the new president, Alberto Fernández, in what some people say is the worst economic situation the country has suffered, even if you compare it with 2001 corralito.

Argentinians are well known for their high interest in politics and for defending their rights. This year almost every week there was a different march held in Buenos Aires, where people from different unions, ages, social class and backgrounds went to the streets to protest about the terrible consequences of the Macri administration. Last Sunday was no exception, with the participation of more than the 80% of the population, Argentinians decided to put their hopes in a different politician and thats how at around 9pm at night it was revealed that Alberto Fernández with his coalition from Frente de Todos had won with a 48%.

Although the small difference in the results were surprising for many, 48% against 45%, many months before the election, everyone kind of knew that Macri was going to leave Casa Rosada in December 10th. With his very neoliberal style of politics, Mauricio Macri will always be remembered for cutting budget to ministries of education, health, migration, agriculture and others. For reducing subsidies, almost leaving the elderly without a pension, for raising taxes to SME`s, for lowering almost every citizens salary with the inflation and last but never least for signing a billionaire loan with the FMI that could never be seen in the development of the country. 

Tired of these capitalistic policies that have only sinked the country to a miserable state, Argentinians have learned the hard lesson and are now going back to their peronists roots were prosperity and abundance was witnessed. They are keen to support a politician who is proud of his Latin American lineage and who wants to empower the economy of the country by building national jobs, connecting with the South American leaders of the region, putting restrictions on the private sector and the European and North American companies that lived through a prolonged bliss during the last 4 years of Macri.

It seems that this revolutionary wave is growing in the continent, as in Bolivia they have decided to reelect president Evo Morales, in Chile citizens have been marching non stop for a change of government and in Uruguay the leftist party, el Frente Amplio, is leading the results before the balottage, which is happening on November 24th. Maybe it has finally arrived the time for Latin America to revive from the ashes and lead itself with the union of all of its countries, fighting by and for the PEOPLE.

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