Volunteer Survival Guide: The Subte

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While you are volunteering abroad in Buenos Aires, the Subte will be your savior.


Due to the distance between a lot of the neighborhoods, it can sometimes be daunting and exhausting to walk everywhere all the time. The Subte, is a cheap and reliable transportation option and we wanted to give you some basic tips of how to use it:


It closes earlier than you would expect.

Everyday, weekdays and ends, without fail, the subte closes at 10pm. During the week, if you decide to go to happy hour with friends, you will probably end up taking the subte to wherever it is you decide to go and a cab back, and on the weekends, since people don’t go out until 1 am, you will always take a cab. So if you like to stay out late, make sure you always have cash with you for your cab ride home.

Use both the bus system and the Subte.

Like I said, the Subte is great, but sometimes you need the bus to get you places the Subte cannot necessarily get you to, so make you become comfortable with both forms of transportation.


It is so cheap!

There is really no reason not to get a Subte card almost immediately upon arriving in the city. You can buy one in almost any Loteria Nacional for only 30 pesos and add as much to the card add as you want. The card also allows you to use up to negative 20 pesos, so if you are in a rush to get somewhere and you have 0 pesos left on the card, have no fear! You can still use it to get to where you need to go and back!


The Subte is honestly one of the greatest things in the city; do not be afraid to use it!

It will be your best friend during your time here.

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