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Unexpected Benefits of Volunteering

15 Unexpected Benefits of Volunteering

Most of us want to help those less fortunate than ourselves. We do not volunteer, for the most part, because…

Facultad de Derecho, UBA

Worth-to-see findings I have made in Buenos Aires

I think I had left my heart in Buenos Aires, so I'm back here after only a few weeks back…

November 30: National Mate Day in Argentina

November 30: National Mate Day in Argentina

Today, November 30th, is National Mate Day in Argentina.

Hugging time!

5 Things that will Help you Become the Best Volunteer Ever

We see ourselves and our volunteers as community builders. Here's what we think we can all do in order to…

Percussion show in buenos aires

Mondays in Buenos Aires: La Bomba de Tiempo

Somewhat by chance, I learned about La Bomba de Tiempo (hereafter referred to as “LBdT”) online, but the scant mention…

Top 5 Tips for Traveling in Buenos Aires

Volunteer Survival Guide: Top 5 Tips for Traveling in Buenos Aires

Here's the Top 5 Tips for Traveling in Buenos Aires.

Subte Estación Piedras

Volunteer Survival Guide: The Subte

While you are volunteering abroad in Buenos Aires, the Subte will be your savior.

Neighborhoods of Buenos Aires: Congreso

Volunteer Survival Guide: The Neighborhoods of Buenos Aires

There are many neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, and while I have not visited all of them during my time here,…

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