Ethical Photography Campaign: Terry's Contribution

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#vg_ethicalphotography Contibution by #volunteer Terry

This video means a lot to me because this particular little girl, Gimena, has attached herself to me since the first day that I started at the kindergarten. She opened up a lot to me and I helped her open up in general, as she was and sometimes still is a very timid child. She made me think more about my ability to bring others happiness and positivity in this world and I thank her and everyone else there for it. Also, during the first week I felt very different from the place and I could feel that they felt it too, but after the second time and the third, I felt more accepted and comfortable there, which in turn made me be able to put more of my positive energy and love into the kindergarten and everyone in it. Thank you! 

We are currently asking our volunteers to send us their favourite piece of ethical photography from their experience so far, accompanied by a short text about it. We are using these on our social media with the hashtag #ethicalphotography. In this way we hope to share real experiences of volunteers with the world, and engage in a broader conversation about this type of photography. We also encourage you to join us in this – and help us overcome damaging stereotypes!

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Terry Zaragoza
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