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Lexi Clifford Lexi Clifford

Currently studying abroad in Spain, Voluntario Global Ambassador Lexi Clifford discusses how her time in the Health Center will impact her career path. 



How was your experience of coming home after your time at Voluntario Global?

Coming home was a very interesting experience. It was incredible to get to see my family, especially my Argentine relatives and talk to them about everything that I had seen and experienced. I was home for a very short amount of time but it allowed me to reflect on my life and what I am fortunate enough to have.


How do you think your experience at Voluntario Global has been useful in your work or studies since leaving Buenos Aires?

I think this project taught me a lot of valuable life skills which have helped me for the past few months. It has taught me how to be a more patient, thoughtful and grateful person. I know this will continue to have a large impact on my life and eventual career path as I continue to study global health and medicine.


Who would you recommend your project to?

I would recommend my project to people interested in public health and students passionate about studying health care.

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