Aurelien's Experience Volunteering Abroad with Voluntario Global

Written by Jiyan Erdogan
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Aurelien at the kindergarten Aurelien at the kindergarten Voluntario Global

Aurelien has spent over 12 weeks with Voluntario Global. He was volunteering in the kindergarten and we had the chance to talk to him and ask some questions about his stay in Buenos Aires:

Why did you want to volunteer abroad in Argentina?

There are three main reasons why I wanted to volunteer in Argentina. I wanted to do a long term volunteer program. I wanted to do this in a Spanish speaking country. And my university requires me to travel to another country before I finish my studies

What were your expectations before you came to Buenos Aires? Did you meet them?

My expectations were to work with children and to meet volunteers from all over the world at the same time. I also wanted to meet people from Argentina who actually live here and wanted to talk to them. All of this became real during my stay in Buenos Aires.

What did you learn during your stay in Argentina?

I had the opportunity to improve my Spanish and I experienced what it means to be a volunteer. As part of Voluntario Global I had to show an initiative and I learnt that volunteering can be different than what you usually expect. What I actually learnt in the project is that it’s not only about helping people in need, but to become part of the community you work with and learn from the people around you.

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