Gladys' experience at the kindergarten

Written by Gladys Arias
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Gladys at the kindergarten Gladys at the kindergarten Voluntario Global

My experience with Voluntario Global was very positive and rewarding. Milena was very helpful and supportive through out this entire process. My project was to work with pre-school children and Stella is the founder of the facility. Milena brought me to the school, introduced me to Stella, and stayed with for me the day. I was assigned to work with Vanina and Caro assisting them with a class of about 25 two year olds. I was very pleased to work with these two wonderful women. They are kind, loving, patient, and very dedicated to the children. It was apparent that the children love and respect their teachers. I was also very impressed by how well the children behaved. Consequently the children were learning how to properly interact with others. This was a classroom full of love and good intentions. Vanina and Caro are two committed, and outstanding human beings. It was an honor to work with Vanina and Caro. The chidren, Vanina and Caro hold a very special place in my heart.

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