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Meet Our Volunteers at the Health Clinic in Buenos Aires

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About one hour and half trip away by Subte and train, we arrive at the Health Clinic in Ramos Mejia. The clinic has long-served this community since 1942. Over time, the clinic established itself as a vital part of the livelihood and sustainability of the neighborhood. It provides a variety of services - pediatrics, gynecology, dentistry, orthopedics, kinesiology, orthopedics, cardiology, clinical medicine, psychiatry and psychology – with doctors who work for very minimal salaries. However, these doctors like Dr. Daniel, th director, are committed and aware of their role at the clinic.

As part of the Responsible Tourism Network, Voluntario Global has supported the clinic by directing volunteers with a profession in the medical field or those that are studying to become a nurse or doctor. Unlike other projects, the volunteers that work with the staff at the clinic get some real ideas of how the medical system works in Argentina. One of our current volunteers from The Netherlands, Liselore, said that you “feel needed and it’s really nice to work here”.

After almost two months, Liselore has had the privilege to shadow Dr. Daniel, who has more than welcomed reciprocated learning. At 21, Liselore is only finishing her third year of nursing school and looks forward to bringing back to the Netherlands some of the pleasantries and genuine kindness of those at the clinic in Buenos Aires. 

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