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Life as a Communications Volunteer

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Voluntario Global consists of a small but perfectly formed operations team and working with them on various communication projects ranging from blog writing and photography to film-making is a great way to gain an understanding of how the organisation works as a whole.

It is the communication team's job to share and document the volunteer experience right from the start of every journey – reaching out to new volunteers in advance of their arrival, welcoming them in their first days and finding creative ways to share their first impressions and experiences using social media and the Voluntario Global website. There is a weekly team meeting, where everybody gets together and catches up on the progress of the projects, the volunteer house and where the communication team should focus most of their efforts and what the aim is for the week. Depending on your Spanish language proficiency this can be quite a daunting challenge to start with but it's amazing to see how your understanding and input develops as the weeks past and confidence grows.

Up to once a week you travel out to the volunteer projects at different stages – photographing and interviewing the volunteers and coordinators when the time is right. This is a great opportunity to see parts of Buenos Aires you would never see as a tourist and navigate the public transport to reach the more remote projects base outside of the city.

There are always special events, educational and social gatherings to report back on and it is important to use your initiative for new topics for blog posts and ways to present and spread the ideologies and practices of Voluntario Global, perhaps if you take some time to travel the rest of Argentina or get involved in another aspect of Porteño life in your free time!

Those interested in the more technical side filming, with their own cameras and equipment have recently been working on developing and recording a 'Buenos Aires Survival Guide' a series on YouTube that will feature volunteers from all over the globe, sharing tips and funny experiences. Location scouting, filming and documenting the real heart of the city, practicing editing and casting the right volunteers for the job is both challenging and enjoyable for all involved. Scheduling and mapping out routes and timetables for filming and where it is possible to get the best visuals and interesting view points of the city.

Working in the communications team is a varied role and you definitely get out of it more than what you put in, it is a perfect way to share skills and experience whilst adjusting to a new way of life in Argentina, meeting and interacting with locals and travellers alike.

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