International Women’s Day at Voluntario Global

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Today, we remember the women who fought long and hard for justice and equality for women everywhere. We asked our volunteers and coordinators what International Women’s Day means to them. Their responses are really and truly heartfelt. Read them below!

“On this day, I would like to reflect about who these women are. I believe they are the ones who fight, the ones who are moved by the suffering of others, the ones who hug, coddle and are supportive. The ones who should be remembered.” – Valeria, Voluntario Global Founder

“Women’s rights are something I tend to take for granted at home in Denmark, but travelling has somehow made me aware of how important it is to celebrate a day like this and appreciate that I live in 2016, because not all women are as lucky as I am. Millions of women in big parts of the world are still suppressed and it is important that we use a day like International Women’s Day to create awareness about this.” – Sofie, Volunteer

“We commemorate the international women’s day to remember that we are tireless fighters and that we must continue building together a world of equality and freedom.” – Daniela, Voluntario Global House Coordinator

I think today is more important than its given credit for. It's a day dedicated to the women who have fought and continue to fight so that we can have the privileges that we often take for granted. It's truly amazing to know that there are people who fought for a cause that they never benefited from during their time, That’s how a society grows and strives.” – Lillian, Volunteer

“Today we remember all the women who fought, who committed, who wanted to be free and the ones that still follow the path. We commemorate the women who started this trail and the ones that keep fighting today and every day for our rights and social equality.” – Milena, Voluntario Global Vounteer's Coordinator

Today, many of us are privileged enough to walk freely on the streets, to be able to vote, to be able to drive, to be able to be who you want to be. Let us not forget the women who fought for our freedom. Let us remember them today and every other day because these women deserve to be honored for their bravery. Let us also remember those who have yet to gain the freedom we all rightfully deserve. Do your part and be an advocate because one day, your actions will be the reason why women everywhere will be able to enjoy equality.

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