Volunteer's First Day at their Projects: Matt

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Matt on his First Day at the Teaching English Project Matt on his First Day at the Teaching English Project Celine Mestivier

Matthew Shaw, 19 years old from England, will be helping at the Teaching English as a Second Language project for 4 weeks.

How are you feeling on your first day?

Today has been really fun, it was quite rewarding. Volunteering as a teacher wasn’t something I had done before, so i don’t have a lot of experience, and it’s been quite intimidating to be in front of so many kids.

What are your expectations?

I’d like to improve my Spanish, hopefully see some progress in the kids' English and discover a new culture.

Have you set a goal for the volunteer experience?

To improve my Spanish I think and generate a lot of exchange with the children.

Why did you choose Buenos Aires?

Because I have never been to South America... and it’s very nice!

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