Teaching English

Teaching English (13)

Navigating the Pandemic: Laura's Testimony

Navigating the Pandemic: Laura's Testimony

This time we talked to Laura, founder of one of the English institutes: Springfield.

Crossing the Road of Language Barriers

Crossing the Road of Language Barriers

In our day and age learning more than one language has become a necessity, a way of opening new paths…

Volunteer Abroad Teaching English in Primary School

The Projects Episode 4: Teaching English in a Primary School

This English school's director, Mario, works to create a more integrated learning system, where the creativity of children is as…

Matt on his First Day at the Teaching English Project

Volunteer's First Day at their Projects: Matt

Matthew Shaw, 19 years old from England, will be helping at the Teaching English as a Second Language project for…

Volunteers at english camp

A Weekend at the English Camp

Last weekend four of Voluntario Global’s volunteers joined an English School at their English camp! They escaped the city for…

Interview with the english school students

Teaching English in Argentina: What Students Think about Volunteers

We asked students at the ‪‎Teaching English‬ Project what THEY think about volunteers coming to ‪#‎help‬ in ‪#‎Argentina‬. Can you…

Volunteer teaching english

Children Learning English, Children Teaching English

With an increasing need for English in business, higher education and an ever globalising world, the disadvantaged children of Buenos…

Englisch unterrichten im Community Center in La Boca, Buenos Aires

Tilman aus Frankfurt (Deutschland), berichtet über seine Zeit als Volunteer bei Voluntario Global. Er hat in einem Community Center in…

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