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Cold Days in Pacheco Community

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As winter time is getting closer, cold days become a reality. Our plants grow more slowly, but the activities in Pacheco continue.

The sowing season is over and during the months of June and July, we take care of the plants of possible morning frosts, ants and some insects that may damage them. At the same time, we start planting seeds again for a replacement of plants in the middle of winter when we can harvest the first planting.

In the workshop of orchard and gardening, the students take advantage of the short days of light to advance with the theory classes that allow to know the processes of plants, pests and Soil types, among the most important topics. At the same time, the pruning season for trees and plants begins, giving rise to theoretical and practical classes. The students will be able to offer their work as pruners next year so they now have time to practice in Pacheco.

During winter season, students who began classes in March receive visits from the graduates from previous years. The community is always open to share the day and enjoy breakfast or a small snack. Many young graduates currently work as gardeners and are the ones who can best tell their experiences and help motivate the current students of the workshop.

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