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Last Saturday, the students at Pacheco Community started working in the gardens outdoors.

During some hours in the morning, they reviewed the edible plants that grow in gardens and evaluated together with the teacher the tasks to be carried. After observing, they began to clean the weeds so that the plants could grow unimpeded and with all the nutrients available only to them. Among the tasks during weekdays, the young students prepare natural remedies which they later spray on the plants to scare off predators like are slugs and ants. In addition, they attached the plants that grew in height to rods of cane to help them grow upright, thus preventing them from falling to the ground and their fruits deteriorating.

Once the outdoor tasks were finished, the theoretical class began. This week the professor explained how a pruning is carried out and where the branches should be cut so that next year the new branches and the leaves emerge with strength and health. 

The menu chosen for that Saturday consisted of some vegetables harvested from the garden, such as potatoes and squash, to which they added eggs, onions and pieces of bacon. After cutting everything and cooking it in the oven, they added cheese to grill it.

After a day of community work a good lunch shared with the students and coordinators, surrounded by nature, is the greatest pleasure for the Pacheco Community.

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