The Four Dogs in Pacheco Community Center

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The Four Dogs in Pacheco Community The Four Dogs in Pacheco Community Voluntario Global

After a few minutes’ walk on streets of Argentina, it is not difficult to spot a white fluffy dog—or any kind one can think ofin a leash, happily hopping along with its owner.

In Buenos Aires, dogs are people’s popular pets, their cherished friends, and beloved family members. But also the homeless dogs that inhabit the streets are the part of the landscape. Due to an inadequate measure of birth control for the abandoned dogs and other complex factors, the number of dogs without home keeps increasing.

The Pacheco Community Center has provided a home for a few dogs who were abandoned on the street:

Pache, was the first dog to be found on the street near the Pacheco Community Center. He was found in a horrible state: very thin and slowly dying. Valeria decided to take him in and now Pache is the first face to greet the newcomers in the Pacheco center. A few months later, Vainilla, the smallest dog, was found pregnant waiting for someone to open the door at the Center. She seemed to know that the Pacheco Community Center would be a new home for her, so she was taken in as weel as her two puppies: Moro and Shinky.

So these four dogs had a happy ending and are now members of the Pacheco family.

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