Community Gardens Network Argentina

Community Gardens Network

At Pacheco Community we promoted the idea of ​​bringing together all organizations and neighbors who, concerned about the food situation,…

Food as a Social Act

Food as a Social Act

This week at Pacheco Community we talked about food and how it builds our notion of culture.

Seed Planting in Pacheco Community

The Value of Seed and Organic Agriculture

At Pacheco Community, our students gather every week to reflect upon real situations from our society.

Communauté Pacheco : Remise de diplômes 2019

Communauté Pacheco: Remise de diplômes 2019

Les premières civilisations pratiquaient l’agriculture en se basant sur le temps pour travailler en harmonie avec la nature.

Pacheco Community: Graduates 2019

Pacheco Community: Graduates 2019

Centuries ago the first civilizations were considered to be pioneers due to their deep connection with nature and ability to…

Selling the Organic Products of Pacheco Community

Pacheco Community participated in the launch of a fair in the plaza of our neighborhood. Agroecological harvest, homemade food, artisanal…

Learning the Names of the Plants we Grow

Learning the Names of the Plants we Grow

Those who visit Pacheco Community for the first time, always ask the name of our plants.

Graduation time!

Pacheco's 2017 Generation just Graduated!

Like every month of February, final exams for students at Pacheco Community arrives.

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