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Empowering Youth and Promoting Critical Thinking through Gardening

Empowering Youth and Promoting Critical Thinking through Gardening

Harvesting gives us power & independence, it's time to recognize its value

The Alimentazo in Argentina

The Debate on Healthy Eating in Argentina

 The producers of vegetables that feed the Argentine population, convened on Wednesday, July 24, an "Alimentazo". 

Earth Overshoot Day 1970-2019

What is Overshoot Day?

Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what Earth…

Art as a Social Practice

Art as a Social Practice

Neighborhoods are full of popular artists who, self-taught or with some possibility of learning in the community, enjoy and make…

Community Gardens Network Argentina

Community Gardens Network

At Pacheco Community we promoted the idea of ​​bringing together all organizations and neighbors who, concerned about the food situation,…

Food as a Social Act

Food as a Social Act

This week at Pacheco Community we talked about food and how it builds our notion of culture.

Seed Planting in Pacheco Community

The Value of Seed and Organic Agriculture

At Pacheco Community, our students gather every week to reflect upon real situations from our society.

Communauté Pacheco : Remise de diplômes 2019

Communauté Pacheco: Remise de diplômes 2019

Les premières civilisations pratiquaient l’agriculture en se basant sur le temps pour travailler en harmonie avec la nature.

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