Volunteer's First Day at their Projects: Hannah

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Hannah Schiemann, 18-year-old from Germany, will be helping at the Early Childhood Development Centre for 12 weeks.


How are you feeling in our first day?

My feelings are very mixed because I’m very excited to get to know a new project and meet the children and all the people of course, but I’m also really nervous because of the language...like to don’t understand everything, but I hope we can understand each other with the hands or something…

Which expectations do you have?

I hope that everyone is open-minded on the project. I also expect it to be a little hard at the beginning because it’s a new place, but I think I will learn a lot from the people and the children as we have a completely different culture. I also hope that I can help some way.

What is your personal goal for your volunteer experience?

Different reasons: First, I want to know more about Argentina and people who live here and I also want to help at the project, to develop, and also to learn Spanish. I hope I will meet interesting people, but I've already met in the hostel. I think it’s a mixture of all of this.

Why did you choose Buenos Aires?

It’s a difficult question… I think it’s the fact that it’s a big city, but there are also small villages somewhere in the mountains in this country. And more, I like there is always something happening, there are so many activities, every evening, in fact we've already go to a concert like sunday night. There are also so many people who came from all over the world living together, their all have different stories, you can learn so much about the others and also I want to learn about the culture of Argentineans people…

Why Voluntario Global?

I think it’s because it offered me a perfect mix, because I really like the projects, at first I couldn't decide where I wanted to go because there are all so good. And I like the idea of living with all the volunteers, but also students and so many different people who do different things but with one thing in commun, I think. We learn when we talk together. I really like the idea that Voluntario Global wants to create a network with all the projects who are working together.

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