Online Spanish Lessons

Now you can learn and practice your spanish skills before arriving in Argentina!

Why Voluntario Global recommends MOKOVI Stories to begin your immersion in the Spanish Language and culture?

The goal is to help you learn Spanish through inspiring stories and make visible the Latin America culture by its own people.

Besides, MOKOVI donates 30% of your payment to social causes in different countries.

Valeria Elliot, MOKOVI founder, says, “I learn best when I am immersed in the Spanish language. I wanted to find a way to bring the Spanish immersion experience to learners in their own homes and help them to learn a second language. I set out to create the online platform I wish students could have used to support their Spanish learning".

We believe that when you learn Spanish you develop a deep connection to the people who speak this beautiful language and you become a part of their culture forever. It is like being part of a tribe that sees and understands the world in unique ways. The name Mokovi has a long and rich history. Mokovi is the name of a native American language spoken by only four thousand people in Argentina that is at risk of disappearing when its last few native speakers die. Choosing Mokovi as our name is our way of honoring the languages learned, spoken and enjoyed around the world and the communities created around them.

Check out what our volunteers think about Mokovi

Melanie Marques, USA  

Mokovi is unlike many other programs because it allows students to improve his or her Spanish while learning about the culture and customs of the place they wish to visit. Through story telling and short videos, students are able to integrate themselves while learning basic Spanish. Students are also given talking points and quick tips to better ease their transition into their host country. I highly recommend using Mokovi before traveling to a Spanish speaking country—you will be glad that you did!

Jack Cubitt, UK

I think mokovi works well as a learning aid because it is short and simple. The Spanish words being spoken are fairly simple which makes it easier to learn. You are able to visualise the words through the 3 video set up you can learn progressively. It is a great insight in to Latin culture and interesting to learn about the narrators cultural family values. It is also very helpful to learn to translate the words and get to know the pattern of speech from a native speaker.

Lovisa Elfving, SWEDEN

The concept is great, you can watch and practice as many times as you need to. It's good to have pictures to associate what the narrator is talking about rather than just a listening exercise. The videos are memorable as you get to know the family of the narrator and associate words with the speaker specifically. Its also good to learn from a native dialect as you understand more of what to expect when you arrive. 

Lucy Colwill, UK

I like that you can learn vocabulary and it's a great idea that you will eventually become less dependant on English as you practice with the videos. As you watch and get used to the sounds you no longer have to rely on your prior knowledge of Spanish, you advance your skills by absorbing the sounds and words you see and hear. It allows you to adapt to your own level of Spanish at a pace you are happy with.


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