Summer Education Camp

This school is a multifunctional space of learning for children, youth and adults of the community which is supported by a social and religious organization. Even though the organization has a religious ideology, the work they do is not necessarily focused on the formation or promotion of religious values but to support vulnerable social groups. The coordinators are open to any collaboration in a context of respect for ideological diversity.


Background Information

Between March and December the educational center has different courses for kids, school Support projects and workshops for adults. During summer, the centre organize a summer camp (“colonia de verano”) so the kids can play games, sports, get creative and also swim at the pool! The main goal is offering a a recreational space but also to join the kids and provide emotional Support.

Volunteers’ Tasks

  • Play with the kids
  • Help to prepare and serve food
  • Help teachers to organize activities and participate of the different games and sports.


Open on January and February .

Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 10am to 1pm: kids between 6 and 12 years old

Tuesday – Thursday from 10am to 1 pm: kids between 13 and 17 years old. 


Local Coordinator

Pablo is the local coordinator. The volunteer will help regularly in the project and should complete the hours and work assigned to them. In case of absence, they must tell the coordinator and the person responsible for the house a day beforehand.

Spanish level required

Intermediate (B1-B2)

Minimum stay

4 weeks

Key Information

Volunteers need to be committed and punctual for this project, because the presence of the volunteer is key to keep this project running effectively.

Most importantly, volunteers should use their initiative and not be afraid of speaking Spanish even if they think it’s not correct, that’s the only way to learn!

Location and first day at work

The project is located in the district Villa de Mayo. You can get there on public transportation (subway and train) and it is a journey of about an hour and a half.

The first day will begin with a meeting between the volunteer and the coordinator of the project, a presentation and a tour around the Centre. He will explain the volunteer about the activities and introduce them with the rest of the staff.

The first day your Volunteer Coordinator (Milena) will join you so you learn how to get there and introduce you to everyone.


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