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Last Friday, Voluntario Global hosted it’s monthly meeting where laundry cooperative workers, volunteers, and coordinators came together to discuss  a number of topics. On this occasion, local Buenos Aries artist Román, came to the meeting as a special guest to talk about his various art projects that can be found throughout the city of Buenos Aires and the rest of the country.

During the day he works at a cultural center where he both teaches art and engages with the local community by teaching a profession to youngsters in recovery. Román works hard to pass on his knowledge of art on to others, he even gives lessons free of charge. The only thing that he asks, is for people to bring in renewable materials to use for the projects.

During the meeting  Román explained the ways in which he creates his art. He does not go to an art shop to buy supplies, instead he uses local scraps or what others regard as trash. Common items such as bottles, scrap metal, and things of a similar sort are all fair game. One of his more remarkable quotes was “Art needs to stop being exclusive, to be more inclusive”

Roman uses past experiences and the local richness to draw inspiration for his creations. An example of this is how he created a llama out of some given material.

A number of pictures where shared that highlighted Román projects in many public places throughout the city. At the end of the talk, all who attended the meeting feasted in what was a very delicious meal. A dish that featured vegetables, chicken, rice, and potatoes was served along with vegetables empanadas. Chef and former coordinator Nadi, was responsible for serving the magnificent meal.

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