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These days in social isolation are moments that provide an opportunity to reflect on the world in which we live...

While COVID-19 is presented as our enemy, we must not lose sight on the fact that the pandemic is simply a consequence of the consumer system in which we are immersed, a system that has long excluded and discarded us.
It is interesting to observe how different governments are implementing various prevention-contention-treatment measures, taking into account the urgency of the situation, without ever focusing on the root of the problem. It is clear that, if we continue with the same modes of production, our planet, our home, will be terribly destroyed, with no possibility of regression, and this returns to us in tragic ways. It is incredible that, out of nowhere, hugs and kisses have become dangerous weapons, and not being with our families and friends is an act of love.
It is mentioned that "we are all stopping the virus", but in my opinion, it would be more appropriate to say that "we are all transforming the world", and this is an opportunity to advance more strongly towards a popular economy and an agro-ecological culture.



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