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Love in times of quarantine is never losing love for each other...


Love your children so you can help them with their homework. Getting up early to start the day and spending time playing with them.
Loving your parents to accompany them from far or near.
Helping them with their shopping, with the things they don't understand, like getting an internet driving licence, learning English or helping them make homemade bread. Also, if they are not around, call them so that they do not feel alone.
Love your friends and instead of getting together, make a video call, greet them on their birthdays through a phone call, letting them know that you are still far away.
Love your partner to take care of her or simply give her space. Put up with every day of the week without seeing that special person and if you have them with you every day, do new and different things every day.
Loving yourself, to get to know you, learn new things and enjoy every minute of the day discovering you.
It is to meet every member of the family at home.
It is taking care of yourself and others.
It is feeling empathy for every citizen outside your environment.
For many it is difficult to do these things, it is easier to work or to be studying all day. Many only see the bad side of this as the disease, the economy, among other things. But it's also good to stop and think about others, not only your loved ones, but also those you don't know and who are going through the same thing.

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