Let's Talk about Soft Skills: Creativity and Innovation

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Soft Skills Certificate Creativity and Innovation Soft Skills Certificate Creativity and Innovation Milena Sapey

Creativity is the capacity for generating new solutions or alternatives to problems, is to leave aside your prejudices and misconceptions, and improve your reality with innovation.

So first of all, we have to break some myths about creativity:

-We tend to associate creativity with artists, but actually, we can't determine if someone is creative or not based on what they do.

Creativity is about opening our minds and find ways to achieve goals with an innovative perspective. It is about giving more attention to little things and do not miss the opportunity to break with the established paths.  Therefore, we can find some great artists from a technical perspective, but that they aren't that creative as we might assume. In the same way, we can find creativity in an office, schools, cooking, everywhere.

-Also, we tend to think about creativity as a 'gift' and not as a skill that we can develop. This idea is a misconception that we can find in almost all soft skills. People usually think that skills such as empathy, creativity or flexibility are characteristics that have to do with our personality and not with aspects we can improve. But we don't have that problem with hard skills or, for example, with physical activity. We know we can work on our muscles or improve our computer skills, and we should think about soft skills in the same way. Creativity requires some practice and focus, and you can develop it at any age.

I think the most creative people I have ever met are people at the projects. Sometimes without even notice it, they are always finding creative solutions to community problems. They are brilliant in what they do and to be part of the projects will definitively inspire you, not only to find new paths but to analyze and think about the world we live differently.

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