Volunteer Work and Responsible Tourism

Written by Valeria Gracia
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What do volunteer work and responsible tourism have in common?

I consider tourism an activity everyone should have the opportunity to do. Why?

Everyone needs leisure time to chill, listen to your thoughts, enjoy time with family and friends, connect with nature, see new landscapes and have a better connection with yourself. Tourism enriches the lives of tourists, including impacts on health, well-being, happiness and quality of life. It can be considered a social right. 

In Argentina, as in many other countries, the Law considers tourism a Human Right. Labor Rights include free time from work to rest, travel and recreation. So the right to rest is as part of our Labour Rights. In Argentina, there are at least five hotels built for social tourism, which were built during Peron and Evita government (1945 - 1955). Until today, these big hotels have a social rate that all workers can access, to spend one or two weeks with their families.

What do the possibility of accessing Tourism and the concept of Responsible Tourism have in common?

In the first place, the tourist activity should not be a privilege of a few. Tourism allows learning from other cultures, understanding and approach people and communities. 
Responsible tourism promotes cultural excahnge, respect for diversity and care for the natural and cultural attractions of each visited place.

At Voluntario Global, we believe that volunteering is a great way to be a responsible tourist.

Volunteers learn from a new culture, have a deep understanding of community needs and respect diversity and nature.

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