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On Sunday the Communications Team visited San Telmo to work on their next project – a short film exploring the history and sites of the barrio. The team were also joined by 11 of the other volunteers who took time outside of their own projects to help out.

The day began with a lovely walk in the sunshine from the VG house to the beginning of the weekly Sunday San Telmo market.

Throughout the day, the group stopped at various historical sites and filmed short clips taken from the pre-written script created by the Communications Team. Presenters on the day were VG volunteers Mel, Karen, James, Avni, Paul, Evan, Jess and Sophie. Other volunteers such as Stefanie and Jess provided assistance and technical support during filming.  

As the day went on, the volunteers were able to help one of the organization's current social media projects as well as learn more about one of Buenos Aires's most fascinating barrios. They experienced San Telmo's famous street tango, its buzzing market and it's beautiful street art.  

The sites visited included the Plaza Dorrego, a square located in the heart of the barrio, the Iglesia San Pedro Gonzalez Telmo, founded by Jesuits in 1537, Parque Lezama, the rumoured site of Pedro Mendoza´s founding of the city in the year 1536, and the Memorial dedicated to 'los desaparecidos', the people who went 'missing' during the country's last dictatorship.

After a long, tiring but ultimately successful day of filming, the group enjoyed a well earned rest, coffee and medialuna.

Keep an eye out for the release of our short film about San Telmo!

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