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Everyone probably did it at least once in their life or helped a good friend or family member doing it. It's usually a big step for everyone involved and may include lots of sweat and emotions. We, the team of Voluntario Global, did it as well: We moved into a new home in a historic place just a five minute walk from the volunteers' house in the center of Buenos Aires. Do you still remember moving into a new room in your parents' house when you were young? Or do you recall moving out of your parents' house and standing on your own feet for the first time? Think of the excitement of calling a new space your own. Remember the visions you had for your new kingdom - a place where you imagined your dreams to get wings and start flying. You built your own center of creativity, a place that was formed by your personality while significantly forming your personality at the same time. You grew with this place. You felt the growing power and influence you got, but also the increasing responsibilities that were awaiting you. For us – Voluntario Global – it’s just like that. Moving into a new office is like moving into a new home. It's a new chapter in the life of a person or in our case the team of Voluntario Global. A new home allows for new creativity and will bring new opportunities for us to advance in the work we do day by day. It was my first day of volunteering for Voluntario Global, when I first entered the building on Avenida Rivadavia - a building that looks like it has survived many storms and could tell many historic tales about Buenos Aires, just like a wise Granny sitting in the same chair as years before and telling all the stories of her life.

And yet, another storm was about to come up. The sky above Buenos Aires drakened that Tuesday afternoon. Thunder, follwed by lightning. Rain shattered on the transparent tiles of the roof that bring light all the way down to the first level of the building. A small sign welcomed me on the right side of the hallway. "Se ruega no escupir en el suelo" which means as much as “Please do not spit on the ground”. - This sign, still being original from when this building was first in use as a school for the Carmelites nuns in the beginning of the 20th century, takes you back in time a hundred years.

Entering the office, I could feel the thunder unfolding its power outside. Noticeable winds circulated through the building. The windows panes in the office opened and closed by itself. A little later the sky opened up again, marking some kind of new beginning. Just then our first meeting was about to start. 

At Marketing and Communications, we know our duties well and are always on top of our work. This Tuesday afternoon, however, we logged out from all our social media channels for an hour and discovered some hidden talents. In the manner of an productive team building session for our newly formed team, we bundled the forces of our four heads, mastered the challenges of a lack of instructions and built up a nice and big meeting table. This table will be the center of our future creativity and will hopefully serve the team for many exciting years of creative work for Voluntario Global. Soon after, the first working plan was hung up as a wall decoration, bringing the first bits of colour to the walls of the office.  These first steps into our new space will allow for new perspectives and build the foundations of everything that is about to come. Being an addition to the Voluntario Global family, our new office traditionally deserves a name. Reflecting its purpose of primarily being a place for social interaction and exchange between the team member, we are happy to announce that Voluntario Global now has a “Social Headquater” in Avenida Rivadavia, Buenos Aires.

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