July 9th: Argentinian Independence

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Argentinian Independence is celebrated on July 9th every year, or 9 de Julio as it is called through Argentina. 

This day is significant as it was when the Congress of Tucuman in the Northern territories met in the Bazan family, now the Casa Historica de la Independencia museum, and declared independence from Spain. Neighbouring countries such as Uruguay, Bolivia, and Paraguay were also freed at this time, and established a party of nations called Las Provincias Unidas de América del Sur, or the United Provinces of South America.

9 de Julio is a national holiday throughout the country of Argentina, and is to be celebrated among family and friends. Every municipality throughout the country has a Avenida 9 de Julio, as a tribute to this important date. This is Buenos Aires main avenue, and the widest in all of South America. Dia de la Independencia are often day long events. The festivities include parades, concerts, and fireworks.

Food and drinks are popular ways to celebrate the special day in Argentina. Specially in Pacheco Community, where we gathered to share some reflections about this day and a hot meal with the neighbors. Popular dishes for the day include Locro and Pastelitos. Locro is a very famous dish in Argentina, as well as neighbouring countries. The dish is a classic hearty stew consisting of corn, sweet potato, squash, and meat. Locro is perfectly paired with a bottle of Argentina’s world famous Malbec.

For dessert, Pastelitos are very common. Pastelitos are a baked puff pastry, commonly filled with sweet jellies or custards. They are usually paired with mate, a popular Argentinian beverage, consisting of boiled yerba mate, that is designed to be shared.

The Argentinians are passionate people, and celebrate their national pride with distinction. This includes supporting their Men’s and Women’s national football teams at major tournaments, as well as their rugby teams, and throughout political campaigns too. Celebrating the day they achieved national independence is high on the agenda. The celebrations will be exciting and memorable, you will not want to miss 9 de Julio in this beautiful country.


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