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Mendoza: Bottomless Bottles and Bodegas

Written by Lauren Hoffmann
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Mendoza: Bottomless Bottles and Bodegas Mendoza: Bottomless Bottles and Bodegas Lauren Hoffman

Just a quick two hour flight from Buenos Aires, a weekend away in Mendoza is well worth considering.

Sitting in the center of Latin America’s largest wine-producing region, the city not only offers endless amounts of red wine and bodega tours, but many more activities to suit all interests.

Going into my trip to Mendoza with fellow communications volunteer Melissa, I’ll be the first to admit I was just expecting a weekend full of bodega visits and dark red stained teeth. Coming from Australia, I guess I’m privileged in that sense that my country is also very rich in vineyards so I’ve always had that opportunity. But when I landed in Mendoza, I realised I was OH SO WRONG!!

Geographically the city sits at the base of the Andes mountain range so at almost every glance you can see incredible mountain scenery. We took a tour and walk through Parque Provincialat Mount Aconcagua, even just around the shorter trails the sights are nothing like you can describe. The contrast in comparison to other Argentina cities is noticeably different as there’s a heavy influence from Incas and an intertwine of the two cultures.

But a trip to Mendoza wouldn’t be complete without a bodega tour, we did a fair few but boy could we have done more. Full winery tours with complementary wine tasting, need I say more? The province accounts for 66% of the overall wine production in the country, so just choosing which vineyards to visit was overwhelming given the infinite amount.

After having an event packed trip, the real highlight for me was spending our last day going at our own pace. We spent a full day at one of the Familia Zuccardi wineries in Maipu, walked around the vineyards and dined at their house restaurant, treating ourselves to a three course meal paired with wines. Plenty of the bodegas have restaurants all over the different regions, offering similar packages and menus with a strong feature of asado and of course their house wine.

I could rant on all day about all the activities this great city offers, but that’s what the internet and travel agents are for. Just take my word and make time for a trip, believe me the great wine just comes as an added extra to this city.

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