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My First 3 Weeks Volunteering in Argentina

Written by Hannah Schiemann
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Hannah (first on the right) and friends in Caminito Hannah (first on the right) and friends in Caminito Hannah Schiemann

In the past 3 weeks I have met so many amazing people, the ones I live with, the ones I work with... each of them has helped me to feel more than welcome home.

My first week was as one might expect with many ups and downs. From being homesick, getting used to the language to being exhausted after working in the morning and having Spanish class in the afternoon. But it did not take me long to feel more and more comfortable in my new home, to make friends, sort out how to organize things, love my job and enjoy the Spanish class. I can really recommend this Spanish school!

I did my first discovering tours of Buenos Aires and we planned many activities with the whole group (volunteers and other young people we are living together with). After only one week I could show the new volunteers around just as the others had done it with me. So don't be afraid, it takes only a few days until you fall in love with this city!

This week has been a special one for me, because I now have the feeling that I got to know the children and the daily routines very well and can actually assist the teachers and act independently. Moreover, I got to discover different parts of Buenos Aires with my friends from the hostel: la Boca, San Telmo, Recoleta... what a great week... and there are more to come!

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