Clandestine Detention Centres: Uncovering the Truth

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The government of Argentina has lead a recovery process of the properties that were formerly clandestine centres of detention, torture and extermination during the dictatorship years of the Dirty War. The Voluntario Global members and volunteers were given the chance to visit one of these centres locally, called 'Virrey Cevallos' which operated between 1976 and 1977. They are still working to find out exactly how many of the 'disappeared' were detained here.

The centres are public sites that work to promote remembrance about the tragedy this society suffered, contributing to the collective comprehension of its past and committed to the society's present problems and needs. It was also conceived as a place to pay tribute to the victims of the military dictatorship

In pursuit of this remembrance, the organisation at Virrey Cevallos, alongside some survivors, have been working together to uncover exactly what took place in the building, what steps were taken in its creation and exactly who was detained in such places with the help of testimonials and piecing together evidence to build an understanding of a chapter of Argentine history that until now has been overlooked. 

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