What do we understand for Sustainable Development?

Voluntario Global prepares an open door monthly debate as a way to promote exchange in the  community. We call them "monthly meetings" and they had been  an interesting way of getting together and learn from each other. Local coordinators and volunteers from around the world discuss about topics that concern us all as part of a globalized world. 

This month it was time for the topic question "What do we understand for Sustainable Development?". Over the time, development has been confused with the posibility to make money trough industrial growth. That's why some countries were considered "advanced societies", while others were pointed out as uncivilized.

 This definition leaves aside the fact that societies are diverse and unique, and those peculiarities have to be, not only respected, but also understood as part of the own way of development. After the debate, some of the main points were shared as a conclusions:

  • Social organizations need to think about development as a communitary growth. Development should be based in appreciating the differences.
  • Work towards development should be done by networking, not as single individuals.
  • We define the future we want based on our daily acts.
  • Sustainable Development has three main forces that combine to work together: economic, social and environmental factors. And it is only be possible if these aspects are balanced.

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