Faculty Led Programs


We can help you organize your Falculty Led Program!

We have over ten years experience working with volunteers, students and faculty led groups. Therefore, we understand the importance of combining Spanish lessons, community involvement and academic credit.

Buenos Aires is a favorite destination for all kinds of interest, with the most diverse assemblage of cultural, historical and modern city. A unique city in South America.

Our organization was born out of the community, and grew stronger in our network of grassroots projects and institutions in different areas: education, health, communications, cooperative work, and sustainable development. Therefore, students and teachers coming to our organization will have access to work in the field of their interest.

Testimonials from past Faculty Led Teachers and Students

Voluntario Global 2015 Annual Report

FAQ for Teachers

For more information, you can contact Valeria Gracia at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.