Spanish Lessons

What if I do not have the level required for a Project?

VG can help find the appropriate Spanish course for you. You can take some Spanish lessons before you start the project in order to feel more comfortable with the language.

Why is it important to take Spanish classes?

You will fell integrated faster and in a better way. Check more reasons in the link: “Spanish classes”.

What is the goal of learning another language?

“The limits of my language are the limits of my World”. Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Will I be able to be helpful if I do not speak fluent Spanish?

Volunteers are always helpful and we always need help. However, deeper exchange and cultural awareness can be easier when there is greater understanding.

Can I take private Spanish classes?

Yes, you can choose private or group lessons. According your lessons schedule we will organize your volunteer schedule.

How much Spanish classes will costs?

Check the link to found more information: “Spanish classes”.