Voluntario Global Ambassador Tess McArthur-Dowty

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Voluntario Global Ambassador Tess McArthur-Dowty Voluntario Global Ambassador Tess McArthur-Dowty

I am a recent Bachelor of Arts graduate from Melbourne, Australia, with a passion for film and all things media.

I wanted to join the Voluntario Global team to explore a new country, gain professional experience in Media and Communications, and learn a little Spanish. While my Spanish is still pretty más o menos (pero más menos que más), I learned a lot and enjoyed the freedom of this volunteer program, you can really make it your own.

Getting to make films with the other Communications Interns was great, and one of my favourite parts of this adventure! My favourite work I did was on The Projects, a web series developed by the other interns and me to explore the stories behind the wonderful organisations Voluntario Global works with.

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