Martes, 22 Diciembre 2020 12:34

Until when? The great debt with mental health

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In a year where we all felt the importance of mental health, where we experienced the problems of confinement, and…
Martes, 27 Octubre 2020 16:12

COVID and Primary Health Care Centers

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How have primary health center relationships with the community changed? 
Jueves, 08 Octubre 2020 14:00

No more undervaluing mental health

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Today is World Mental Health Day and we feel it is important to mention this in times of pandemic. The…
Sábado, 21 Marzo 2020 04:22

What do volunteers do at the Health Center?

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To be a volunteer is not only to help but also to learn: to learn about the project, the community,…
Viernes, 01 Noviembre 2019 17:16

Let's Talk about Communitary Health!

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This week we participated in a health workshop at one of our projects in José León Suárez where some of…
Viernes, 07 Noviembre 2014 12:55

Health care volunteer

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Arthur's volunteer's experience in the medical center. As a medicine student he was able to practice his professional skills. Fallow…
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