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Written by Marin Cloix
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Argentina is known as the gastronomic capital of South America, and yes, Buenos Aires definitely deserves this reputation. Whether it’s salt or sweet, you will find your happiness at every level!

Writing an article about the 10 best things to eat in Argentina was the hardest thing I had to write about! Too many specialties! However, I chose to tell you about only 10 of them. Let’s go for our top 10 best food to eat in Buenos Aires:

1. Empanadas

We begin with Empanadas! Those little things that you can eat everywhere! In restaurants, supermarket, in the street and even in the subway! For a small snack or a whole meal or even for breakfast, they will fit every situation! You can eat them fried or only cooked, with basically everything in there. Meat, pumpkins, cheese, tomato, humita, mushrooms…Try the calabaza con mozzarella, it’s the best!

2. Milanesa

This thin slice of meat covered with breadcrumbs is amazing! You can have it of beef, chicken or pork. And for the greedy, order the Milanesa Napolitana, served with a slice of ham and cheese on it, it’s really worth it!! And because we think of our dears vegetarian readers, you can try the milanesa de soja or eggplants, it is also very tasty!

3. Choripan

A bit like a sandwich with chorizo, choripan are very popular here. You can have it as a small snack or for your meal. Everyone claims to have found the best choripan in the city. Mine is next to San Telmo market, could you find it?

4. Dulce de leche

Do you like Nutella? Well after trying Dulce de leche you won’t ever want it! The dulce de leche replaces all the Nutella, chocolate or caramel combined! And it’s everywhere; medialunas, alfajores, cakes, ice creams, with bread, milkshakes… Impossible to miss it here!

5. Alfajores

Los Alfajores, those amazing little small “macarons” filled with dulce de leche! You can’t miss them, they are in every supermarket! From 3 pesos to 40 pesos, you have many choices. From the ones made of Maizena, the ones covered by chocolate and those with ice sugar. Try them all!

6. Mate

It’s an institution here, I challenge you to find an argentino who doesn’t like maté! They just drink it all the time and everywhere. It is quite common to see people walking down the street with its maté and its thermostat in hands.

7. Asado

Argentina's is worldwide known for having the best meat you can have, and although I’m not a big meat eater, I have to admit, it is the best meat I have ever tried in my life! Asado means barbecue and like in Europe, you can do that at your house with friends and a couple of beers. However, there are many places where you can seat and enjoy the best meat of the world! It is hard to list every meat you can have, but at least try those ones, it’s a must!

8. Fernet

Just like mate, the Fernet is very popular here. Traditionally used as a medicine for the stomach, this strong alcohol (41%) will change your life after the parties. Indeed, no hangover after a night of drinking Fernet. Amazing no! I admit that the taste is quite special at the beginning but you get used to rapidly! It goes with coke and ice.

9. Medialunas

It is that a croissant? No, definitely not! But damn it tastes so good! I was a bit puzzled at the beginning, indeed, as a French person, croissants are holy and I was suspicious about medialunas. But after trying one, it has become my breakfast for my whole trip! They taste quite different from the croissants and are usually very soft. Most of all, it’s really cheap, enjoy! 

10. Membrillo (pastafrola)

A new fruit that I have never seen before! It looks like a pear, but you won’t see the fruit in itself. Indeed it is usually too hard and too astringent to eat it raw. Instead, you will see “Quince cheese” or Membrillo. It’s kind of a sticky, firm and sweet reddish hard paste that you will find in PastaFrola, a very famous desert here.

This is it! if you come to Argentina even for a week, you have to try that 10 food, otherwise, you would miss something! Of course, it does exist much more typical food here, such as the Locro, the pizza con Faina, flan con Dulce de leche, humita, Galletitas or the red wine which is very good here, but it’s impossible to list them all!

Buen provecho!

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