Being a Vegetarian in Buenos Aires

Written by Lucy Courtnall
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Being a vegetarian travelling or living in Argentina sounds like it could be a huge challenge. What with the portenos love of steak, carne, pollo and all things meaty, you may be worried about struggling to maintain your healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. However, within the city of Buenos Aires, there are lots of great finds to fuel your appetite and fulfil your dietary needs.

1) Green Eat is a chain which sells healthy superfoods, superjuices, vegan cakes and more, geared around quick lunches to take away but usually with a few seats upstairs where you can sit down to eat if you want. It also has options with meat and fish which means you can bring your meat-obsessed friends along!


Location: Reconquista 690 / Uruguay 703 / Av. Santa Fe 1661 / Galerias Pacífico / DOT Baires Shopping

Our recommendation: Kale salad with a creamy white sauce or Veggie Tex Mex box of eggplant meatballs and salsas.

Price range: $$

2) MEME Sopa y Roll in Palermo is a hip and arty place to hang out and do some good people watching. Its not exclusively vegetarian and has plenty of meat options too. The idea is that you order soup and follow it up with a´roll´ or wrap. You also get a complimentary mini portion of gespachio before your meal.

Location: Gorriti 5881, 1414 Buenos Aires,Argentina

Our recommendation: Capresse or Falafel are the only two vegetarian roll options (not that you need much more as they``re both delicious) but their salad menu is flexible too.

Price range: $$

Notes: The café owner is super friendly and will often come and take a seat with you to have a chat during your meal.

3) Panda Buffet is good for a quick meal or take away option. You fill plastic containers from the buffet and pay based on their weight. They offer a wide selection of salads as well as chinese options within the buffet so it`s a good cheap fix if you`re craving something a little bit healthier such  as lentils, coleslaw and broad bean salad as well as the classic Chinese menu. They also have a veggie section at the end of the buffet with ´veggieland´ brand burgers such as chia and linseed or quinoa.

Location: Libertad 171, C1012AAC CABA

Our recommendation: Veggieland burgers with roasted aubergine, lentils and egg fried rice

Price range: $

Notes: Its also super cheap, with two full containers coming to less than $75- great to keep one in the fridge for the next day!

4) Veggie Buffets are plentiful, especially around the VG house on Avenida de Mayo. You can load up take away boxes with all kinds of delicious tofu dishes, vegan milanesas and hot and cold salads.

Location: Tte. Gral. Juan Domingo Perón 1319, C1038ABA CABA

Our recommendation: Grab a little bit of everything as there are so many new flavours to try!

Price range: $

5) Bar Quimera is a 5 minute walk from the VG house and may seem non-descript from the outside, with handwritten signs and menu pasted on the windows. However, this little café serves two very good veggie dishes for extremely low prices. The Hamburguesa Vegana ($50) and Super Veggie Sandwich ($40) are both advertised on the door. You can sit in a very Argentine café and eat substantial meals packed with vegetables for the price of a cheap takeaway stand.

Location: Talcahuano 95, C1013AAA CABA

Our recommendation: Hamburguesa Vegana (lentil burger with sweet potato, zucchini, bean shoots and other vegetables roasted and packed on top)

Price range: $ 

6) Furaibo is hidden away up a discreet staircase on the outskirts of San Telmo. With a small Japanese garden and beautiful decoration, this restaurant takes you out of Buenos Aires and makes you feel like you`re sitting in the heart of Japan. It is also a functioning temple and place of worship, so you are likely to hear drums and prayers coming from the other rooms as you eat.

Location: Adolfo Alsina 429, C1087AAE CABA

Our recommendation: Yasai Katsu Kare

Price range: $$$

7) Hierbabuena offers an upmarket, artsy vibe. With two shop fronts; the bakery and café, you can sit outside sipping all kinds of smoothies and lemonades from glass jars, order some brunch and then choose from their delicious range of cookies, muffins and tarts. The bakery section also stocks fresh vegetables, vegan cookies and vegan milk.

Location: Av. Caseros 454, C1152AAN CABA

Our recommendation: Yoghurt and Granola followed by a chocolate cookie

Price range: $$$


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