Reviews from Past Volunteers

Reviews from Past Volunteers (222)

stagiaire en communication

5 choses que j’ai appris en Argentine

Après un mois et demi de volontariat en tant qu’assistance communication de l’association, je me rend compte à quel point…

Helena in the kindergarten

What Advice would you Give to Future Volunteers?

Volunteers Helena & Jule talk about their experience helping in one the kindergartens in Buenos Aires.

Peter teaching english

Volunteer Review: Peter Teaching English in Argentina

Peter volunteered in the Teaching English project in 2017 and he shared his thoughts and a few tips with us.

Katherine in Caminito

Katherine Li: My Experience at Voluntario Global

Before I delve into what my experience at Voluntario Global has meant to me, I'd like to start with what…

Spanish from Scratch

Spanish From Scratch

As most people, I really wish I could just place a foreign language dictionary under my pillow before the night…

Dogs enjoying company

What it's like to be part of Voluntario Global

When I first signed up with Voluntario Global in May, I thought I Voluntario Global was a small organization that…

Laui back in the Kindergarten

It's Been an Amazing Day!

My name is Laura, I'm from Denmark and I'm 19 years old. Last year I was a volunteer in one…

Evelyn at Pacheco

The Lessons I Learned while Volunteering Abroad

It has been a year since I got back to Austin from spending about half of my year in Argentina.…

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Location: General Pacheco. Buenos Aires. Argentina

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