Reviews from Past Volunteers

Reviews from Past Volunteers (222)

Demonstration in Buenos Aires

10 Ways to Know You've Fallen in Love with Buenos Aires

There aren’t many people who can come to Buenos Aires, even for a week, and not leave with the sense…

Radio Station

Women in Action

The recent and inspiring launch of Radio Soldati 91.3FM by the organization El Hormiguero has been closely followed by the…

Volunteer reading in the kindergarten

Hugs are a Universal Language

For the last two weeks, one of Voluntario Global’s kindergarten projects has been blessed with the presence of our lovely…

Emma chating with the ladies at the soup kitchen

Emma's Return to the Soup Kitchen

This month Voluntario Global gave a very warm welcome back to Emma from the UK, who first joined us back…

Volunteer and teachers together

Working Among Superwomen

We walked into the daycare to sixteen babies all under the age of one, crawling over the foam flooring, sucking…

Yasmeen in action at Voluntario Global' sustainable project

What Volunteering Means to Me

Why did you choose to volunteer? Why choose to volunteer in Buenos Aires? Are you going alone? Is it even…

Matt from UK

Matt's ‪‎Volunteer Experience‬ working with Children in ‪Buenos Aires‬

Thinking of volunteering abroad? Matt tells you why you should: Matt's ‪#‎VolunteerExperience‬ working with children in ‪#‎BuenosAires‬

Rose Garden in Palermo

Where the Grass is Greener: Parks and Gardens of Palermo

Though my decision to embark on this journey to Argentina involved little hesitation, the months leading up to my trip…

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