Small Changes are important

Written by Mario Cocaro
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Mario is the headmaster of a primary school where volunteers combine teaching English with creating links, cultural exchanges and experiences. Below is a story he told us called “Little revolutions”.

‘I would like to tell you about a small revolution that took place the day of Iain’s arrival.  I was going down to the first floor and whilst I was on the stairs I heard shouts from the children that sounded more like football hooligans celebrating a goal.  The songs were overlapping with each child singing a different one.  I arrived at the ground floor and found children from the 4th to the 7th grade returning from their break time surrounding Iain, hailing him and demanding his attention.  The volunteer (who never imagined he would be subject to such enthusiastic demands) was smiling despite not knowing what to do nor understanding why they were chanting his name or fighting to walk beside him.  Rather an amazing experience for a Saxon in a country full of Latinos (especially as they are children). Mariela told me that when Iain introduced himself to one of the classes, the children got up and asked him for his autograph.  Mariela thought that he did not understand what an autograph was and explained to him that they wanted his signature, as one would ask an artist, a sports star or someone you admire.  Iain replied saying that he knew what an autograph was but as he was not famous he did not understand why they were asking him for his.  The affectionate Scot became an idol in 15 minutes. The new enthusiasm and motivation that the appearance of Iain brought to the school may seem to be only a small change.  However changes like this are very important because when you put them all together they become a revolution.'

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