Meet Flor, volunteer from Germany!

Written by Yena Jo
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Volunteer Flor playing with the kids Volunteer Flor playing with the kids

Get to know more about Flor and her experience in the home for children!

1. Can you introduce yourself?

I’m Florentine. I’m 19 years old and from Germany. I finished high school last year and went to New Zealand on a working holiday visa. I will enter university next year to study medicine. By the time I finish my studies, I’d like to work as a pediatric. In my free time, I like to read or to hike, but my favorite hobby is to learn new languages.


2. Why did you choose this project/ the reason why you choose BA?

I found this project on the internet and like it from the first second. I wanted to go to Argentina because Spanish always has been my favorite language and I really wanted to learn and improve it. Furthermore, I heard so many amazing things about this country. The project suited very well because I wanted to earn more experience with kids and challenge myself.

3. Did you have any expectations about the project?

I honestly didn’t expect much because I knew it would probably be different from what I imagined anyway. I was just hoping to spend some good time with the kid, to maybe teach them something and learn something from them. I wanted to see the other side of this “happy continent”.


4. What does volunteering mean to you?

Volunteering means learning. The kids know more than anybody can imagine. Not only new games but also the importance of the way we treat each other. I learned to swear less, that younger people are always influenced by what you do to them because they will adapt your behavior. I learned how important it is to show the interest in others, to give as much love as you can, to pay attention to little things, to have a lot of patience and to be thankful for the life and possibilities I have.

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