Meet Mariana & Andrés!

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Meet volunteers Mariana and Andrés from Colombia!!


1. Can you introduce yourself?

 I’m Andres and 20 years old. I major in civil engineer at the university.

2. Why did you choose this project? Why did you choose BA?

I always wanted to come to Argentina because I have never been here before. I chose to volunteer at the kindergarten in Buenos Aires simply because I love children and their energy they gave me. Since I’m a really social person, I feel like it’s a great opportunity for me to get to know new people.

3. Did you have any expectation before coming?

 I prefer not to have certain expectations before any journey. If I expect something before I actually encounter them, those ideas might eventually affect my experience. So, I was like “Let’s go and see what will happen!”

4. What do you take from this experience?

There are many adorable kids in the kindergarten. Whenever I go there, I become so energetic and happy while playing with kids.

5. What does volunteering mean to you?

Even though it can be a small effort to me, I feel satisfied with the fact that I can contribute my time and effort to children’s happiness on a daily basis. It can be nothing for you, but your action can influence the children in a positive way. I think that’s what volunteer means.


1. Can you introduce yourself?

 My name is Mariana and I'm 17 years old, I love animals and any living creature, I love art and traveling around the world 

2. Why did you choose this project? Why did you choose BA?

Because I love sharing with kids and realizing how much they can teach you even though they are so young, sometimes we don't realize how many values and nice things they bring with them.

3. Did you have any expectation before coming?

 My expectations before arriving were to create a bond with the kids and have a good relationship with them, to get to know more than a tourist does, to understand the problems that society faces and to give a lot of love to the children who need it. I chose Buenos Aires because I love Latin-American culture and because I think it is a beautiful place full of nice people, but also because I believe that the problems of Buenos Aires' neighborhoods aren't much different from the ones we have at Colombia. 

4. What do you take from this experience?

 It taught me how important is to give love and how important kids are for society and the beginning of a new generation in the country. It also helped me to be more patient and not be closed when it comes to deciding what is right and what is wrong, to understand that they are kids and none of them is good or bad, they are kids that are learning and building themselves. 

5. What does volunteering mean to you?

For me to do a volunteer is to realize that, even though you cannot do a huge change in the world, every little thing you can do will help people somehow, is to understand a community with a different culture and want to help them despite those differences, is to give a part of yourself. 

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